We Protect Your Lake Life

We Protect your Lake Life Life

August 18, 2020

“Clair Law worked hard and achieved a great result for the LVC.”
- President of Loch Vista Club on favorable trial decision

Clair Law is proud to announce its successful riparian rights trial court decision on behalf of its client Loch Vista Club and its 50 plus members on Geneva Lake. On August 7th, the Walworth County Circuit Court judge ruled in favor of the Loch Vista Club, removing an unlawful easement pier encroaching upon the Loch Vista Club pier, and by further finding in favor of placement of the Loch Vista Club pier under the extended lot line method.

Clair Law has a reputation for its representation of clients in riparian rights cases. Nearly 30 years ago, in the seminal riparian rights decision, Borsellino v. Kole, Attorney Ed Thompson successfully represented Kole in arguing that the extended lot line method could be applied to piers that meet the shoreline at an angle.

Attorney Chad Pollard recently obtained a successful decision at trial for the Loch Vista Club that strongly relied upon the Court of Appeals decision in Borsellino. Ultimately the judge determined that the Loch Vista Club pier was appropriately placed under the extended lot line method even though it met the shoreline at an angle. The judge focused his decision on avoiding a domino effect of pier conflicts should any other method of apportionment be chosen.

The attorneys and staff of Clair Law are happy with the successful result, and we invite any new clients with concerns about piers, wharves, riparian zones, or any other lakefront issue to contact us today.