June: The Month for New Beginnings

We previously recognized Elder Law Month in May; reportedly due to the month getting its name from the Latin word for “elders” (which is “maiores” if you were interested). We are now entering into the month of June, which according to another theory, got its name from the Latin word for “juniores”, which roughly translates to “younger” (since it follows the month of May).

June is also the most popular month to get married. And while it marks the beginning of Summer and is filled with longer and sunnier, carefree days, it doesn’t mean that you should be carefree about your estate planning when beginning a new family unit. While it’s not the first thing you think about when starting out your life together as newlyweds it is important to sit down and take the time with your new spouse to go over how you both want to handle things should the worst happen. This way your new combined family will be prepared to handle the unexpected.

Getting married presents the perfect time to review Life Insurance needs. It is also a time to consider updating the beneficiary designations for retirement accounts. When considering getting married it is a good time to talk to your significant other about your financial philosophies and about your estate planning goals. It is important to choose an Attorney with experience and knowledge to draft the best estate planning documents available.

At Clair Law we have the experience to guide you through the process of drafting an estate plan that fits you and your family’s needs and desires. We understand the importance of these decisions and can assist you to determine the best estate planning tools for you, whether that is a Will, Living Trust, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney for Finances and Property, Prenuptial Agreement, or Marital Property Agreement.