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Walworth County has some of the best lakes in Wisconsin and owning a property on Delavan, Lauderdale, Beulah, or Geneva lake is a dream come true.

But what happens when your place of joy becomes a nightmare. The neighbors install a new pier within touching distance of your lawn chair; or perhaps it is a ten-foot picket fence blocking your lake view; or a local governing body thwarting your effort to build your dream home. Seemingly innocuous issues become quite complex when the intricacies of riparian rights laws mix with the owner’s love of their property.

Nearly 30 years ago, in the seminal riparian rights decision, Borsellino v. Kole, Attorney Ed Thompson successfully represented Kole in arguing that the extended lot line method could be applied to piers that meet the shoreline at an angle.

We continue protecting our client’s riparian rights today. Most recently, we obtained a trial decision in favor of our client’s 150-foot pier pursuant to the extended lot line method. Our litigation experience also supports sellers and buyers of lake front property to fully understand their riparian rights before making the big decision to buy or sell.

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